• Jenia Kasatkina


    Malmö, Sweden

    "I like to create a comfortable and easy-going atmosphere where people feel free and safe to try new things and make mistakes in order to move forward and grow as a professional dancer."

  • Kelsey Paschich

    Kalamazoo (MI), USA

    "Countertechnique inspires my thinking and my dancing. It liberates me with the freedom of choice while exploring and discovering new possibilities for myself without fear or judgment."

  • Madison Elliott

    New York City, USA

    “Countertechnique keeps the mind active while the body is in motion allowing the dancer to stay present throughout the entire process of movement.”

  • Shannon Stewart

    Lawrence (KS), USA

    'Countertechnique has been with me for many years, showing up at pivotal times of my development as a dancer and teacher.'

  • Borna Babic

    Brussels, Belgium

    "Seeing people explore and overcome challenges inspires and enriches me as a teacher. Creating a playful yet demanding environment in which the journey of discoveries can take place is my goal in every class."

  • Sophie Allen

    Chicago, USA

    "I love to create a playful and energizing environment that brings joy to the surface and encourages all to continually explore and expand their own curiosities and capabilities both on and off the dance floor."

  • Verena Pircher

    Chicago, USA

    "Deeply convinced of the moving body's potential, I remain curious in exploring new paths. Countertechnique is helping me to do so, while challenging my opinions and raising new questions every day."

  • Samuel Melecio-Zambrano

    San Francisco, USA

    “Fun, playfulness, challenge, and discovery have always been driving forces of why I dance. Countertechnique helps me hone my skills, and maintain a healthy body during rigorous work weeks.”

  • Angie Lau


    Basel, Switzerland

    "I want to stimulate students to explore an organized, supported and well-coordinated physical structure, and to encourage awareness for a better body use in everyday life. With this in mind, I find Countertechnique an ideal dance training."

  • Arianna Hartanov

    Santa Barbara (CA), USA

    “With Countertechnique, the process of finding solutions is so much more interesting than trying to find problems. Teaching and helping others to do the same fills my heart with joy."

  • Jussi Nousiainen

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    "Countertechnique is a liberating method to explore and extend the possibilities of my own bodily existence, without needing to submit to imagery or esthetic ideals of any particular dance style."

  • Mariko Koh

    Bremen, Germany

    "Exploring Countertechnique helps develop a healthier relationship with our body and mind. I look forward to share a sunny side of dance in my classes, where we are who we are, dance full of joy and without judgement."

  • Charles Slender-White

    San Francisco, USA

    "In class, we can have fun, work, and explore without worrying about being perfect or right. I think of dancing as an opportunity, not an obligation, and I have found that perspective to be quite liberating."

  • Niharika Senapati


    Antwerp, Belgium

    “Countertechnique is a joyful exploration, where failure, fear and pain are removed from the situation, and replaced with choice. There is less pressure on the whole self, and more freedom to direct energy into exploring and playing.”

  • Jennifer McQuiston Lott

    Los Angeles (CA), USA

    “Countertechnique is an unquestionable leap forward for contemporary dance training, blowing the future of possibility wide open. It is transformative, producing fearless, bad-ass dancers who think for themselves.”

  • Marina Bilterijst

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    "I love to create an atmosphere in class where I’m sharing knowledge and tools for dancers to explore the technique in their own way and in their own timing."

  • Eliza Sanders

    Wellington, New Zealand

    "Countertechnique keeps me curious, inspired and excited in my dancing. I am able to experience freedom with clarity, choice with perspective and openness with focus."

  • Richard Cilli

    Sydney, Australia

    "I dance to connect my body and mind, and myself to others and the space around me. Countertechnique gives me a language to help myself and others on the path we’re exploring together, to stay in the moment and to overcome obstacles."

  • Madeline Harms

    Sydney, Australia

    "The practice is not about arriving to "an end" but about the continuous drive, curiosity and process. Every day is a new day and with this - new discoveries are always possible!"

  • Na-ye Kim

    Seoul, South Korea

    “Creatively problem solving to apply tools allowed for a profound body-mind connection and replaced my judgements and assumptions. In turn, I feel as though I am becoming wiser and stronger as a person and a dancer through Countertechnique.”

  • Anette Jellne

    Stockholm, Sweden

    "I strive to facilitate an allowing and positive atmosphere in the dance studio, so that dancers can feel comfortable to explore, take risks, fail, evolve and enjoy - or rediscover - the joy of dancing."

  • Omar Olivas

    Edwardsville (IL), USA

    “Countertechnique has as a unique way of challenging body and mind within a nurturing environment encouraging self-discovery. Dancers go beyond the given steps to deepen their understanding of what is going on in the present moment."

  • Julie Magneville

    Paris, France

    "As a dance teacher, I strive to build a safe place that facilitates exchanges, brings joy and leads dancers to explore, task risks, fall, and redirect their energy in a positive manner."

  • Lauren Langlois

    Brussels, Belgium

    “I want to help dancers find ways to ease unnecessary pressure. I have found greater ease, flexibility, and strength, as well as a finer balance of instinct and technical decision-making.”

  • Jorijn Vriesendorp

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    "Countertechnique has helped me enormously as a dancer and performer. It has given me trust in myself, and has expanded my way of thinking and moving."

  • Maggie Costales

    New York City, USA

    “Countertechnique has allowed me to find liberation in non-linearity and choice-making and am able to exist and dance as my whole self. Always.”

  • Kira Blazek Ziaii

    Winston-Salem (NC), USA

    "I dance to express what words cannot, and also to elevate myself to something supernatural. I teach dance in order to help others on this journey, however it is defined for them."

  • Ema Yuasa

    The Hague, The Netherlands

    "I have always felt there was a strong need for a method that was developed for dancers on today's contemporary dance scene, which develops so fast and has such an enormous variety of movement. Countertechnique is exactly that."

  • Nimrod Poles

    Graz, Austria

    "Countertechnique allows us to reach greater clarity, complexity and versatility in movement by favouring lightness, efficiency and self-discovery over endlessly chasing a predetermined outcome."

  • Nina Funk

    Arnhem, the Netherlands

    "I love to share my experience with others through teaching and in my classes will invite everyone in an open and energetic way to find ease, freedom, efficiency and control in movement.”

  • Maya LaLiberté

    Northampton (MA), USA

    "As I teach others, I continue to dance in my own body, endlessly exploring. Countertechnique serves as a playground in which my entire being is able to awaken to observation, healthful movement, and joyful dancing.”

  • Lillian Barbeito

    Carmel Valley (CA), USA

    “Countertechnique has taught me how to dance my brains out and be safe, at the same time. It has literally changed my life and I love sharing all that I’ve learned. Once you go Counter, you never go back!”

  • Chimene Steele-Prior

    Melbourne, Australia

    "Countertechnique gives the dancer agency to work with themselves and what they are dealing with each day. I love to create space for each individual to experience their own enjoyment and freedom."

  • Eva Schaller

    Vienna, Austria

    "In Countertechnique, the researcher, the virtuose dancer, the delicate, the intuitive and the analytical thinker – they are not separated but rather work together, to inform and enrich the dancer and the dancing."

  • Sam Hall

    Adelaide, Australia

    "I’m fascinated by the process of interacting with the present moment, where observation and decision making flow freely. Countertechnique offers a variety of tools to surf the present moment and find greater freedom in my whole self.”

  • Tim Volleman

    Bologna, Italy

    "Countertechnique allows dancers to move all the crazy ways they are asked to and wish to. At the same time respecting their body as an irreplaceable, precious instrument."

  • Francesca Dominguez

    New York City, USA

    “To navigate the mental and physical rigor of a career in dance, Countertechnique has become my life long partner that empowers me with ease and agility when overcoming obstacles like fear, nerves, and exhaustion.”

  • Kara Burdack

    Melbourne, Australia

    "Through Countertechnique, I have been able to find efficiency, joy and clarity in my dance practice. As a teacher I hope to encourage others to open themselves to the infinite while being free of judgment and fear."

  • Linton Elethios

    Perth, Australia

    "Within Countertechnique, I am able to move with my mind and think with my body. I am continuously curious in the investigation of my possibilities, choices and abilities that continue to grow in virtuosity, sensitivity and potential."

  • Joy Davis

    Senior Teacher

    Charlotte (NC), USA

    "My body and mind have transformed through studying Countertechnique. It is a gift to the evolution of dance and I am privileged to share it and be a part of it growing around the world."

  • Kelly Hirina

    Baltimore (MD), USA

    “Countertechnique is not only an extremely technical dance practice but makes learning and dancing magnificently fun. It encourages you to get on the floor, listen, try, test, fail, soar, play and enjoy.”

  • Isabelle Nelson

    Dresden, Germany

    "Countertechnique allows the freedom to find more acceptance and connection within yourself and others in a challenging and fun environment that allows for individuals to thrive within a group dynamic."

  • Melissa Brading

    Lubbock (TX), USA

    "Countertechnique not only transformed my dancing and relationship to my body but enriched my choreographic practice. The possibilities are limitless, and I am grateful to be able to share this information with dancers and witness them finding clarity and strength in mind and body."

  • M. Eugenia Demeglio

    Athens, Greece

    “ Countertechnique’s intrinsic balance between the preparation of body and mind makes it an invaluable daily training for a performer, a companion for a healthy and joyful career.” 

  • Nina Wollny


    Trondheim, Norway

    "It is exciting to discover how much one can benefit from investigating and exploring the truly amazing human body, and how this can open up an endless amount of new possibilities to move."

  • Rosanna Tavarez

    Senior Teacher

    Los Angeles, USA

    "With Countertechnique, the learning never stops! You are continually finding new dimensions in your dancing that excite you and motivate you to play your edge and move towards greater freedom, space and creativity."

  • Elita Cannata


    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    "Countertechnique is a precious tool that helps me to look for solutions rather than to be focused on problems, and it also reminds me that I am never alone while moving, allowing me to be alert and free."

  • Catheryn Clifford

    New York City, USA

    “The aim of my class is to build community, challenge the individual, and encourage a deep and endless growth one can access from Countertechnique’s unique practice.”

  • James Vu Anh Pham

    Antwerp, Belgium

    "I'm am drawn to the versatility of the philosophy and methodologies that Countertechnique brings. You can apply it as much and/or as little as you want to whatever movement you are executing, be it technical or non-technical. "

  • Yi-chun Liu

    Brussels, Belgium

    "To me dancing is the confrontation with the here and now. Being able to be free of judgments and open to movement is a fantastic thing Countertechnique offers me."

  • Anouk van Dijk


    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    "I love to see dancers develop their potential to the full. In Countertechnique we’re gentle, yet demanding. We know how strenuous the daily dance practice is, so the tools we offer make it more effective, ánd more enjoyable."

  • Eilit Marom

    The Hague, the Netherlands

    "Countertechnique empowered my dancing and gave my body more volume in the space. I could let go of my own judgment and rediscover my flexibility, strength and joy of movement."