Becoming a teacher

Countertechnique is a registered trademark and can only be taught by certified teachers.

Countertechnique was developed by Anouk van Dijk throughout her twenty-five year career as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Over the last fifteen years, the knowledge and experience she gained – in constant dialogue with her dancers – was gradually transformed into a detailed theoretical system and a teaching method, which now together form the Countertechnique system. This knowledge is transferred to, and constantly tested and evaluated by, a growing number of teachers of the technique, who regularly come together at the Countertechnique Teacher Training (CTTT) program. Currently there are 44 certified Countertechnique teachers across the world, including Anouk van Dijk herself. Teachers from all levels meet regularly to evaluate and exchange experiences, in order to improve personally and to help further develop Countertechnique itself and the pedagogy involved.

To join the CTTT program as an Aspirant, you're required to have at least three years of experience as a professional dancer. Previous teaching experience is an advantage, but not required. All aspiring Teachers are expected to have attended a substantial number of Countertechnique classes and to have taken part in one or more workshops by Anouk van Dijk, Nina Wolllny and/or Senior Teachers. Over the course of years, they should have accomplished and displayed a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of the Countertechnique system, and have shown to have the skills to convincingly apply Countertechnique tools in movement. Based on an individual assessment, selected Aspirants are invited to enter the CTTT program, which includes a three-day introductory course - the pre-CTTT - followed by the two-week CTTT Intensive. Once completed succesfully, an Aspirant will become a certified Countertechnique Teacher - basic level. All Aspirants need to have completed at least one 'One Body, One Career' Intensive before the start of their first CTTT.  

The CTTT program takes places every year. Generally, about 8 aspirant teachers are admitted to every program. The next CTTT will take place between 10-24 August 2023 in Amsterdam.