We believe space is what you make it - in your body, your mind and your home! 

From 17 May to 6 Jun, we're excited to present the Countertechnique Online spring Series, filled with daily classes and weekly workshops, accessible across different time zones! All class types and workshops are suitable for small spaces and for dancers and movers who look for more inspiration and ease in their physical practice. Grab the opportunity to connect, sweat, think and dance with Countertechnique teachers coming to your home from all over the world!

Join Countertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk, Master Teacher Nina Wollny, Teachers Joy Davis and Lillian Barbeito, as they share their insights and love for dance in a series of online Weekend Workshops. In addition, Joy Davis, Jennifer McQuiston-Lott, Nina Funk, Eilit Marom, Kelsey Paschich, Eugenia M. Demeglio, Nina Wollny, Rosanna Tavarez, Verena Pircher and Anouk van Dijk will bring you a series of Open Level Classes and SuperPRO Classes. Our Founder Anouk van Dijk will also offer a weekly Strengthen & Stretch Class. Last but not least, the Spring Series will also introduce Basic Flow Classes, for anyone who loves to move!

Please note: you can book all your classes through one registration form. Workshops each require separate registration. All events take place on Zoom.

FULL CLASS SCHEDULE (17 MAY - 6 JUN - now two weeks extended!)

Scroll down for more information about content and format of the class types.

Mon 17 May, 19.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Jennifer McQuiston-Lott (register)
Tue 18 May, 16.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Kelsey Paschich (register)
Tue 18 May, 18.00 CEST – Strenghten & Strech (75 min), Anouk van Dijk (register)
Wed 19 May, 19.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Jennifer McQuiston-Lott (register)
Thu 20 May, 16.00 CEST  – Open Level Class (75 min), Kelsey Paschich (register)
Fri 21 May, 19.00 CEST  – SuperPRO Class (90 min), Anouk van Dijk (register)         
Sat 22 May, 19.00 CEST – Basic Flow Class (75 min), Eugenia M. Demeglio (register)                        
Mon 24 May, 19.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Anouk van Dijk (register)            

Tue 25 May, 16.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Joy Davis (register)                          
Tue 25 May,  18.00 CEST – Strenghten & Strech (75 min), Anouk van Dijk (register)                                            
Wed 26 May, 19.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Kelsey Paschich (register)                              
Thu 27 May, 16.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Anouk van Dijk ( register)         
Fri 28 May, 19.00 CEST  – SuperPRO Class (90 min), Rosanna Tavarez (register)                                  
Sat 29 May, 19.00 CEST – Basic Flow Class (75 min), Eugenia M. Demeglio (register)                          
Mon 31 May, 19.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Kelsey Paschich (register)                     
Tue 1 Jun, 16.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Jennifer McQuiston-Lott (register)        

Tue 1 Jun, 18.00 CEST – Strenghten & Strech (75 min), Anouk van Dijk (register)                      
Wed 2 Jun, 19.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Jennifer McQuiston-Lott (register)                              
Thu 3 Jun, 16.00 CEST – Open Level Class (75 min), Anouk van Dijk (register)                                    
Fri 4 Jun, 19.00 CEST – SuperPRO Class (90 min), Rosanna Tavarez (register)                        
Sat 5 Jun 19.00 CEST  – Basic Flow Class (75 min), Eugenia M. Demeglio (register


Scroll down for more information about content and format of the workshops.

Fri 21 May - Sun 23 May, 19.00 CEST - 'Dancing with Delight' with Joy Davis (register)
Fri 28 May - Sat 29 May, 18.00 CEST - 'Toolbox Theory & Practice' with Nina Wollny (register)
Fri 4 Jun - Sun 6 Jun, 18.00 CEST - 'Reflect to Act' with Anouk van Dijk (register)


Step into the flow with Teacher Countertechnique, Joy Davis

In this open level three-day workshop, Teacher Countertechnique Joy Davis shares her love for dancing. With her vibrant personality Joy will guide you through Countertechnique class exercises and improvisations, and you will explore ways to soften and widen your body into the endless space around you. Along the way, you will collect tools that help cultivate a greater ease in the moment of training, and bring new possibilities for how to use attention effectively, and find delight in moving. 

Joy has been a certified Teacher Countertechnique since 2012 and teaches workshops in the US and Canada. She is Associate Professor of Dance at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Based between Charlotte and Boston Joy creates, produces and tours collaborative dance-theater work with joyproject, The Davis Sisters, and her partner Eric Mullis. 

Maximum participants: 30. Participants are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Friday 21 May - Sunday 23 May
19.00-21.30 CEST (Europe)
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Find clarity and organisation with Nina Wollny

Join Nina Wollny as she explains what the Countertechnique Toolbox consists of, and how to implement tools in dancing life. On Day 1, Nina will give an overview of the Toolbox. On Day 2, we will get to work, and explore what a tool is, how to choose one and apply it effectively. This workshop is most useful for people who have already taken some Countertechnique classes, and who want to go deeper. 

Nina Wollny has been working with Countertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk for 20 years as her closest collaborator, and has been on the Faculty of the One Body One Career Intensive (OBOC) since its inception in 2006, and the Countertechnique Teacher Training (CTTT) since 2008. Nina is an active performer and teacher and is to date the only Master Teacher of Countertechnique

Maximum participants: 30. Participants are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Fri 28 May - Sat 28 May
18.00-20.30 CEST (Europe)
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Unpack specific issues with Anouk van Dijk

This interactive coaching workshop departs from questions, submitted beforehand by participants. Digging into old habits and new territories, personal requests will be taking into collective exploration. We will look at how a pro-active approach to taking a Countertechnique class can inform your dancing in general, and help you find solutions. This workshop moves from reflection, to physical action, to applying Countertechnique tools to other dance styles. Some previous experience with Countertechnique is recommended. 

Anouk van Dijk is the Founding Artistic Director of Countertechnique, and former Artistic Director of Chunky Move, one of Australia’s leading dance companies. Anouk currently works as a free-lance choreographer, director and teacher worldwide. Van Dijk has trained all 35 Countertechnique teachers to date.

Maximum participants: 30. Participants are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Friday 4 Jun - Sunday 6 Jun
18.00-20.30 CEST (Europe)
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BASIC FLOW CLASSES (75 min, for everyone)

This class is for everyone who loves to move and is curious about Countertechnique. In this basic movement class, you will receive hands-on information to make moving lighter and more fun. No prior experience with Countertechnique or dance training is required, this class is accessible to everyone. We will depart from simple improvisations and movement exercises, as we wake up the senses and gently warm up in a flow of movement. By creating more space inside our bodies, we will unfold our limbs into the space around us. We conclude with a simple dance combo, connecting our energy to music!
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OPEN LEVEL CLASSES (75 min, intermediate level)

A medium-paced Countertechnique class that is easy to follow for intermediate to advanced dancers. It will allow you to warm up gradually in a clear class structure, and along the way we will collect some Countertechnique tools for a greater ease in the moment of training. We will conclude the session with some juicy dancing, touching all corners of our spaces!
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SUPERPRO CLASSES (90 min, advanced level)

A faster-paced class with more in depth Countertechnique tools work, exercises and even more juicy dancing! Recommended for professional dancers and senior students who like a challenge, particularly suitable for dancers already familiar with the Countertechnique class.
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STRENGTHEN & STRETCH CLASSES (75 min, all levels)

Discover ways how to strengthen and stretch more efficiently and with less boredom. This is not your regular work out, but our teachers share with you what gets them going! In each session specific Countertechnique tools will be introduced as we work towards more activation and expansion in the body. You will gain practical insights how to find more ease and range of movement, whilst getting stronger and breaking a light sweat.
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