Summer 2019 offers lots of opportunities to delve into Countertechnique, whether it's through participating in intensives, workshops or just regular classes. Make sure to join us at one of these events from June to September across Europe, United States and Russia.


There are a number of exciting workshop opportunities across NORTH-AMERICA this year.

* The summer opens for Countertechnique in June with Joy Davis teaching a short workshop at Gibney Dance in New York City, from 7-9 June.

* On 17 June, the American Dance Festival kicks off in Durham (NC) with Teachers Charles Slender-White and Rosanna Tavarez presenting a six week workshop Countertechnique with daily technique classes as well as a workshop group improvisation.

* From 24-28 June, Senior Teacher Niharika Senapati teaches a workshop at BODYTRAFFIC Summer Program in Los Angeles, that includes technique classes, Anouk van Dijk / Chunky Move repertoire and creative practice.

* From 1-12 July, the annual One Body, One Career Intensive (OBOC) takes place in Montréal, accompanied by the OBOC Extra program - with Founder Anouk van Dijk, Senior Teacher Niharika Senapati, Alexander Technique Teacher Tom Koch and Teachers Joy Davis and Richard Cilli.

* For the youngsters (13-17 yrs), Lillian Barbeito is teaching Countertechnique class in Los Angeles during BODYTRAFFIC's Teen Summer Intensive from 8-26 July.

* From 11-17 August, Charles Slender-White and Joy Davis direct the annual FACT/SF Summer Dance Lab in San Francisco.

Also in EUROPE and RUSSIA there are plenty of opportunities to study Countertechnique for longer stretches of time.

* Countertechnique in Europe opens in June with three events in the same week: a workshop at Zodiak in Helsinki from 7-9 June by Jussi Nousiainen, a week long series of classes in Paris at Studio Harmonic by Elita Cannata and a week of classes in Hamburg at K3 by Eva Schaller from 3-7 June.

 * From 17-21 June, there is a workshop by Elita Cannata in Porto at Companhia Instavel, as well as 1.5 week of classes at tanz_house in Salzburg by Verena Pircher.

* During the months of July and August, there is plenty of opportunity to study Countertechnique in Amsterdam: Jenia Kasatkina teaches full weeks of classes at Henny Jurriëns Studio (HJS) from 1-5 July and 15-19 July. During that second period, Jenia also teaches an afternoon workshop, as part of HJS's Summer Intensive. Following that, from 29 July - 9 August, the annual One Body, One Career Intensive (OBOC) takes place in Amsterdam, with Founder Anouk van Dijk, Master Teacher Nina Wollny, Senior Teacher Niharika Senapati and Alexander Technique Teacher Tom Koch. From 12-16 August, Jenia returns to the HJS to teach morning class.

* Another city with heavy presence of Countertechnique over summer is Stockholm. Verena Pircher teaches class from 20-21 July at Danscentrum Stockholm, before - at the end of August - Jenia Kasatkina teaches at both Balettakademien Stockholm and Danscentrum Stockholm, from 19-23 August and 26-29 August respectively.

* In Italy, Senior Teacher Elita Cannata teaches from classes from 15-19 July at Staibdance in Sorrento, followed by a workshop from 22-26 July at Dance Italia in Lucca.

* That same week, 22-27 July, Jenia Kasatkina teaches class during TSEKH Summer School in Moscow.