From Mid-April, Countertechnique and its community of teachers have offered a freely accessible program of 200+ Open Classes online. With studios opening up again in most parts of the world and summer holidays arriving for those in the Northern hemisphere, we'll bring the program to a close this July.  

Thank you to everyone who supported our community of teachers with their donations. Your support has been greatly appreciated. If you haven't been able to give so far but would still like to do so, please donate here in USD / EUR / AUD via PayPal or credit card.

All classes are listed separately in applicable time zones for participants' convenience in 24-hr format:
* PDT (Pacific Daylight Time / UTC-7) - check here if you're based on the West Coast of the Americas
* EDT (Eastern Daylight Time / UTC-4) - check here if you're based on the East Coast of the Americas
* CET (Central European Time Zone / UTC+2) - check here if you're based in Europe, Africa or the Middle-East
* AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time / UTC+10) - check here if you're based in the Asia-Pacific
* Local times (classes displayed in teachers' local time zones)

PDT (PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME / UTC-7) - look here you're on the Americas' West Coast

EDT (EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME / UTC-4) - look here if you're on the Americas' East Coast

CET (CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME / UTC+2) - look here if you're in Europe, Africa or Middle-East

AEST (AUSTRALIAN EASTERN STANDARD TIME / UTC+10) - look here if you're in the Asia-Pacific

LOCAL TIMES - all of our classes listed individually in their local times