From 11-24 August 2022, the seventh Countertechnique Teacher Training (CTTT) will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Directed by Countertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk and Senior Teacher Elita Cannata, a select group of aspiring and existing Teachers will come together to develop, exchange and further their skills as Countertechnique Teachers.

For aspiring Teachers, the main focus of their first CTTT will be on gaining a basic understanding of the Countertechnique movement system from a teacher's perspective, and learning how to teach a basic Countertechnique class. Returning Countertechnique Teachers will use the CTTT to further develop their theoretical and pedagogical skills, and to research, reflect and deepen their intellectual and physical understanding of Countertechnique from a teacher’s perspective.

To join the CTTT program as an Aspirant, you're required to have at least three years of experience as a professional dancer. Previous teaching experience is an advantage, but not required. All aspiring Teachers are expected to have attended a substantial number of Countertechnique classes and workshops and to have taken part in at least one ‘One Body, One Career’ Intensive (OBOC) prior to the start of the CTTT. Aspirants will be required to follow a three-day ‘pre-CTTT’ training, in preparation for the CTTT; dates and mode of the pre-CTTT will be discussed with successful applicants. For most Aspirants it will be required to attend the OBOC in 2022 prior to the CTTT, either in New York (OBOC NYC, 14 - 24 June) or Amsterdam (OBOC Amsterdam, 30 July – 9 August).

At the end of the CTTT, the aspiring Teachers should know the general framework and exercises of a basic Countertechnique class (the Skeleton), should have an incorporated understanding of the Countertechnique Principle and be able to pro-actively apply Countertechnique tools in their own dancing. If these conditions are met, and if the Aspirant is able to confidently structure, build and lead a basic Countertechnique class, the Aspirant will graduate and receive an official Countertechnique Teacher Certification. 

To learn more about the 2022 CTTT and the registration process, please read the 2022 CTTT FAQ SHEET. We highly recommend reading the FAQ at your earliest convenience, as the material required to submit your EOI requires preparation.

Everyone who is interested to participate in the CTTT, is required to complete their Online Application Form online by 27 February 2022. We do not accept applications by email.

Upon submitting your registration, you will have to pay a 50 euro registration fee. This registration fee covers the costs associated with the different members of our team assessing all applications. All fees associated with the CTTT upon acceptance into the program can be found in the FAQ sheet.

All applicants will be informed on the result of the selection procedure by 28 February 2022. 

- Registration open: Mon 31 January 2022
- Registration deadline: Sun 27 February 2022
- Notification selection candidates: Wed 9 March 2022

APPLY VIA OUR ONLINE APPLICATION FORM (no applications via email)

Before registering, please read the 2022 CTTT FAQ Sheet.

The CTTT Intensive 2022 will be hosted by Henny Jurriëns Studio (HJS), Amsterdam.