From 18-29 July 2018, the fourth biennial Countertechnique Teacher Training (CTTT) will take place in Melbourne, Australia. Directed by Countertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk and Master Teacher Nina Wollny, a select group of aspiring and existing Teachers will come together to develop and practice their skills as Countertechnique Teachers.

For aspiring Teachers, the main focus of the CTTT will be on understanding the basic principles of the Countertechnique movement system from a teacher's perspective, and learning and practicing how to teach a basic Countertechnique class. Existing Countertechnique Teachers will use the CTTT to further develop their theoretical, practical and didactic skills, and to research, reflect and debate their intellectual and physical understanding of Countertechnique.

To join the CTTT program as an Aspirant, you're required to have at least three years of experience as a professional dancer. Previous teaching experience is an advantage, but not required. All aspiring Teachers are expected to have attended a substantial number of Countertechnique classes and to have taken part in one or more workshops by Anouk van Dijk or Nina Wollny, of which at least one “One Body, One Career” Intensive. Based on an individual assessment, Aspirants may be required to do a pre-CTTT training in order to be eligible to join the CTTT in July 2018. It is recommended for all participants - and in some cases required - to attend the annual "One Body, One Career" Intensive 2018, which will take place in Melbourne from 2-13 July, directly prior to the CTTT.

At the end of the CTTT, the aspiring Teachers should know the general framework and exercises of a basic Countertechnique class, have a clear understanding of the Countertechnique principles and to be able to convincingly apply these in their own dancing. If these conditions are met, and if the Aspirant is able to confidently structure and lead a basic Countertechnique class, the Aspirant will graduate and receive an official Countertechnique Teacher Certification. 

To learn more about the 2018 CTTT and the registration process, please do the following:
- read the 2018 CTTT FAQ SHEET

Everyone who is interested to participate in the CTTT, is required to send in their EOI Registration Form to cttt@countertechnique.com by 10 November 2017

Upon submitting your registration, you will receive an invoice for a 25 euro registration fee. This invoice will need to be paid within 10 days for your application to be considered in the final selection.

All applicants will be informed on the result of the selection procedure by 8 December 2017 at the latest. 

Any additional questions you might have, can be addressed to cttt@countertechnique.com.

- Registration deadline: 10 November 2017
- Registration fee: 10 days after submitting your registration
- Announcement selection candidates: 8 December 2017


The CTTT Intensive 2018 is supported by dance company Chunky Move.