‘Workshop countertechnique toolbox’

n this workshop you will get the chance to learn more about the theoretical background of Countertechnique. You will get an introduction to the “Countertechnique toolbox”, which offers tools for body and mind to help the dancer to think about the dancing body, focusing on the process of incorporating information into action. Every day we will start with the physical experience through a technique class and after will go more into the theoretical introduction of the toolbox. In this part of the workshop you will get to work with some of the tools more in depths by collecting more information and practical experience through games, exercises and improvisation.

Countertechnique encourages each dancer to take control of their own intellectual and physical development so they can eventually become their own teacher. In the workshop you get more time to process the information in different ways than just repeating the steps. At the same time the experience you gain from this workshop will help you to work more efficiently with the given information and the steps next time you take a Countertechnique class.


*Elita will teach an open Countertechnique class in the morning from 11:15 – 12:45, which is not included in this workshop, though we advise and expect you to take her class too, as then the workshop Practical Tools will be even more beneficial.


Elita Cannata


Mon 25 Jul – Fri 29 Jul, 13:00 – 15:00


Henny Jurriens Studio - Summer Intensive
Amsterdam (NL)

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