After a successful workshop in september, Yi-Chun is coming back at Garage29 with a new proposal focusing on Empathy – working with present feeling, and on Memory – going into past tense.

Our days will start with a Countertechnique class to warm-up. It will make you sweat, stimulate your headspace, while also aligning your body and mind. Countertechnique is a dance training system, taught only by certified teachers internationally. So it is recommended that participants have at least a minimum of dance experience or have experience of using their bodies in a dynamic way. This class will prepare us for our journey into a dance-theater workshop.

The dance theater workshop had been developed based on my versatile physical knowledge and years of experience working with Peeping Tom dance theater company. I will guide the participants through this journey, explore their own individuality through improvisation. We will be woking elements such as space, time, music, objects… etc. to widen the spectrum of our physical qualities. All the physical exploration is serving as a means of generating physical storytelling material, a way to express ourselves through daily actions and their physical intentions. The storytelling is amplified as we transform and distort the reality we’ve created into something playful and unexpected. This workshop is about how to create and perform an action/task, develop it, and further explore our freedom in this process.


Yi-chun Liu


Sat 20 Nov – Sat 20 Nov, 11:00 – 17:00
Sun 21 Nov – Sun 21 Nov, 11:00 – 17:00


Garage 29
Brussels (BE)

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