Summer 2018 offers a lot of opportunities to delve into Countertechnique in the USA. Make sure to join us at one of these exciting workshops!

Countertechnique Founder Anouk van Dijk will visit the United States again in 2018 to teach a US exclusive workshop at Gibney Dance in New York City (Aug 21-24). This is an unique opportunity in 2018 to work in the United States with the creator of Countertechnique, and Artistic Director of Australian contemporary dance company Chunky Move. The daily schedule will start with a Countertechnique class, followed by a Countertechnique Practical Tools session, and is concluded by a 2 hour workshop combining Repertoire from Common Ground - Anouk van Dijk's most recent work for Chunky Move - and the creation of new movement material.

After last year's success, Kira Blazek Ziaii and Joy Davis will return to the American Dance Festival's Six Week School from Jun 18 - Jul 20 to teach Countertechnique and a Countertechnique workshop Improvisation for Performance for six weeks. 

Lillian Barbeito will feature at one of the other US' other major summer schools, teaching from Jul 23-28 at The School at Jacob's Pillow. As part her own company's popular three week BODYTRAFFIC Summer Program, she will also bring James Vu Anh Pham out from Australia to present a workshop in Los Angeles from Jul 2-11, consisting of Countertechnique classes and Repertoire by Anouk van Dijk for Chunky Move.

Master Teacher Nina Wollny will come from Europe to teach a workshop from Aug 21-26 at GPHP Summer Intensive 2018 in Miami, where she'll teach both Countertechnique classes and a Partnering Workshop. 

Charles Slender-White and Joy Davis will teach their annual workshop from Aug 12-17 at the Summer Dance Lab in San Francisco by FACT/SF, that besides Countertechnique also offers several other techniques and repertoire workshops from the company. 

Kira Blazek Ziaii will be in Sarasota from Jun 11-15 to teach Countertechnique at Sarasota Contemporary Dance, with a program that features a number of techniques.

Mid-June also, Rosanna Tavarez will teach a Countertechnique workshop at Tectonic Marrow Society from June 18-22.

Kelsey Paschich will teach Countertechnique classes from Jul 8 - Aug 4 in Albuquerque, as part of the MODAS Summer Intensive, which offers a range of different workshops.

Last but not least, Joy Davis will open the USA Summer Season in Austin, with a Countertechnique workshop as well as creative process at The Theorists from Jun 8-12.

Countertechnique in the USA during Summer 2018
Albuquerque: Jul 8 - Aug 4, Kelsey Paschich at MODAS Summer Intensive
Austin: Jun 8-12, Joy Davis at The Theorists
Beckett: Jul 23-28, Lillian Barbeito at The School at Jacob's Pillow
Durham: Jun 18 - Jul 20, Kira Blazek Ziaii and Joy Davis at the American Dance Festival
Los Angeles: Jul 2-11, James Vu Anh Pham at BODYTRAFFIC's Summer Program
Miami: Aug 21-26, Nina Wollny at GPHP Summer Intensive 2018
​New York: Jun 13-16, Anouk van Dijk at Gibney Dance
San Francisco: Aug 12-17, Joy Davis & Charles Slender-White at Summer Dance Lab by FACT/SF
Sarasota: Jun 11-15, Kira Blazek Ziaii at Sarasota Contemporary Dance
Seattle: Jun 18-22, Rosanna Tavarez at Tectonic Marrow Society